Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation In Jonesboro, AR

Because mold spreads quickly, it’s crucial to have a plan of action in place well in advance of a mold issue. That’s why, for over 40 years, many Arkansas homeowners have trusted RepairUSA for all their mold removal needs. Our mold remediation company responds promptly to your call for help, ensuring the mold is taken care of to minimize the severity of the damage and protect your family’s health.

Our professionals will use the latest equipment to detect the source of the mold issue. Then, we’ll work quickly and effectively through the cleanup and restoration process so that your family can begin living comfortably in your home again. We are proud to handle all residential mold remediation throughout Jonesboro, AR, and the surrounding areas, including:

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Receive Professional Mold Removal in Jonesboro, AR

Mold is everywhere and can find its way inside your home through an open window, the hair of your pet, or the clothing of your children. When these spores come into contact with moisture, they grow and become a problem. Over time, you may notice a musty odor hanging in the air or mold spots developing on the walls. As soon as you notice mold, you’ll need to repair the water source of the mold and then get in touch with a mold remediation company to control the growth of the mold spores.

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Our Professional Mold Removal Process

When you call on our company for mold remediation in Jonesboro, AR, we will use our extensive experience and industry knowledge to contain and remove the mold. The first thing our team will do is isolate the contaminated area to prevent the spread of mold to other areas of your home. Because the mold will become airborne during remediation, we will ask that you shut off all fans and heating and cooling systems to mitigate the growth of the mold problem.

Once we mark off the contaminated area, our team will move on to the next step in our mold remediation service, which includes eliminating the moisture source by tending to water-damaged areas and ventilating and dehumidifying your home. Then, we’ll work on removing the mold colonies with antifungal and antimicrobial treatments and remove contaminated materials, including mold-infested carpets, drywalls, and insulation. Finally, we’ll clean any structural elements that may have been affected by mold, such as the flooring, fixtures, and HVAC systems.

Understanding Mold Testing

Mold testing is a crucial step in identifying and addressing mold-related issues within homes. It involves the collection of samples from different areas, including moldy areas and those suspected of harboring fungal growth. These samples are then analyzed to determine the types and concentrations of mold present, providing valuable insights into the severity of the problem.

Different Types of Mold in Homes

The presence of mold in homes is a common concern, often necessitating mold testing to assess the types and potential health risks associated with the fungal growth. Among the various molds that can be found in homes include:

  • Black Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum): Black mold is perhaps the most infamous type due to its potential health risks. It thrives in damp and humid conditions and is often found in areas with water damage. Exposure to black mold can lead to various health problems, making its identification and removal essential.
  • Aspergillus: Aspergillus is a common mold that can take various forms. While some types are relatively harmless, certain species can produce mycotoxins, posing health risks, especially for individuals with compromised immune systems.
  • Cladosporium: Cladosporium is a widespread outdoor mold that can find its way indoors. It typically grows on damp surfaces, such as wallpaper and carpeting. Although it’s not as harmful as black mold, it can still cause health issues, particularly for those with allergies or respiratory conditions.
  • Penicillium: Penicillium molds are known for their green or blue-green appearance. While some species are used in the production of antibiotics, others can produce mycotoxins that may lead to health problems when present in elevated concentrations.

Health Risks Associated With Mold

The health risks associated with mold exposure can vary based on the type of mold and individual susceptibility. Common health problems include:

  • Respiratory Issues: Mold spores can trigger or exacerbate respiratory conditions, causing symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
  • Allergic Reactions: Mold can induce allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, leading to symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.
  • Skin Irritation: Contact with moldy areas may cause skin irritation, particularly in individuals with existing skin conditions.
  • Mycotoxin Exposure: Certain molds produce mycotoxins, which, when inhaled or ingested, can result in more severe health problems, including neurological issues.

Mold Damages and Impact on Air Quality

In addition to health risks, mold growth damages the structural integrity of homes and can significantly impact indoor air quality. Mold spores can become airborne and circulate through ventilation systems, compromising the overall cleanliness of the air. Moldy areas may also emit musty odors, signaling the presence of hidden fungal growth.

Why Hire a Professional Mold Removing Company

When it comes to cleaning up mold, you can’t leave anything to chance. That’s why you need to turn to our mold-removing company if you find yourself at risk of a mold infestation. Cleaning large areas of mold is challenging for homeowners to undertake alone, and it can even be dangerous. Instead of risking spreading mold spores or compromising your health, leave mold removal to the experts.

Here are a few reasons you can trust our professional mold remediation services:

  • Our technicians are trained and certified: Before a technician even steps foot in your home, we ensure they have been through extensive training and are appropriately licensed and certified to handle mold projects. You can rest assured that every member of our team knows how to contain and remove mold spores
  • Our specialists are equipped with the right tools: To properly clean up mold, a person needs more than just a mallet and eye protection. Fortunately, you can leave the hassle of tackling a mold problem to our experts. We’re equipped with the right antimicrobial chemicals, dehumidifiers, HEPA filtration machines, and more to seal off and clean problem areas.
  • Our professionals are ready to serve you at any moment: We provide 24/7 emergency services so that you can expect a quick response to your call for help. After all, dealing with mold requires speedy action to minimize the spread of damage.

Communities We Serve

You and your family deserve a space where you can feel comfortable living. That’s why we offer mold remediation in Jonesboro, AR, and the surrounding cities, including Bay, Brookland, and Bono. When a mold issue compromises your comfort and health, trust only the best mold removal company.

Take Care of Problem Areas With Mold Remediation in Jonesboro, AR

Mold is no laughing matter, and it should be addressed right away. By hiring RepairUSA, you can expect to receive the expertise you deserve and a job completed right the first time. Get in touch with our friendly and responsive team for mold remediation in Jonesboro, AR, or one of our other services, including: